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Avengers Endgame TV Spot shows Tony has undergone a 'Major Change' to survive

avengers 4 endgame trailer iron man nebula

The first trailer of Infinity War mostly contained footage of Iron Man showcasing his current condition. We saw him recording a message for Pepper while explaining his situation and also expressing his love for her. The newly released TV spot features a blink and miss shot of Tony. This brief glimpse has gained quite a traction with the fans who are happy to see that Tony is back to being The Mechanic and getting things done using that genius brain of his.


 Considering the fact that Tony’s genius level intellect now has alien technology at his disposal, it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to come up with something.

avengers 4 endgame trailer

Apart from that, there’s another thing that is even more interesting in that scene. This detail has been noticed by a Redditor who has formulated a theory based on this detail. The detail noticed is – “In Infinity War, when Tony suits us, we see that the nanoparticle housing is stored external to his body, a point he makes clear with Pepper. But in this new shot ( the one in the TV spot), it looks like the housing unit is underneath an undershirt, not at all how we saw it prominently displayed in IW.” See the below pic. 

infinity war tony pepper

Now, this led this fan to come up with the theory that Tony has embedded the nanoparticle housing unit into his body probably in order to take care of his body given the scarcity of food and water.

This would signify him going back to his basics, back to being the real Iron Man, shall we say. Because from the very start, he had had the arc reactor as a body part, until he chose to get the surgery done in Iron Man 3. But if this Redditor’s theory is correct, this would mean Tony has undone that surgery as a reply to his situation.

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[Avengers: Endgame] spoilers for the new super bowl trailer within! But I think I know what's gonna happen with Tony from r/FanTheories
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