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Theory - Visions seen by Thanos, Tony, Thor and Ego were actually the work of the "Greater Threat"

iron man avengers age of ultron

Thanos has been the most dangerous threat the Avengers have faced so far. Because his vision resulted in damage to the entire universe. Thanos has been set up as the main villain of the whole of the MCU from the first Avengers movie. But as you are all well aware, the Avengers Endgame toy leak seems to have confirmed that there is another, bigger threat coming our way and it’s going to make its debut in Avengers Endgame.

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But I think we can all agree that it wouldn’t just make sense to throw in a villain and say that this is what the Avengers need to fight and just push Thanos to the secondary villain of the MCU. But what if this greater threat has been teased already in the MCU and none of us have noticed. What if the movies have alluded to a greater threat being in place but we have all been blind to see it.


thor vision age of ultron

This is the topic that is being discussed in the latest fan theory. Now, we all know how Tony has had visions of sorts, and that led him to create Ultron. Similarly, is the story arc of Thanos. He had visions of his planet dying and he proposed what had to be done to prevent it. Even Thor had a vision in Age of Ultron. Even Ego stated in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, that he had visions wherein he would see himself “seeding the entire universe from Eternity.”

ego guardians of the galaxy


Now the question is why these visions have been happening. Is there someone responsible for these? Another point you need to understand regarding all these visions is that these visions led their respective viewers to take action. Now I ask you where have we seen something like this? Yes, in Antman and The Wasp, Janet sends signals from the Quantum Realm to connect to Scott Lang which forces him to take action.


(MCU) Thanos cursed with knowledge from r/FanTheories

What if in a similar way, these visions have also been sent by someone who will now come out in Avengers Endgame to be called the greatest threat there is.

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  1. Try this about the visions:
    1) The stones were the responsibles for those visions;
    2) The Time Stone showed a dark timeline to the Mind Stone;
    3) The Mind Stone conected to Wanda and to the Power Stone;
    4) Wanda showed part of that timeline to Tony and, not knowing, she gave part of it to Thor, which he unlocked by "swimming in a cave?!" Now this might be related to why Hulk does not come out, because of the quest for the Infinity Stones and this Greater Threat
    5) The Power Stone showed The Expansion to Eson and think of this: the Celestials possessed godlike powers, such as telekinesis and telepathy. The Celestials might have been powerfull enought to create a telepathy that could endure even for eons (remember that Ego was born after the supposed extinction of its species)
    6) About Thanos, we still need to know how did he go his hands on it, but his visions could come from the Mind Stone or even from that Greater Threat

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