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The Russos reveal why Thanos couldn't stop Stormbreaker

The Russos reveal why Thanos couldn't stop Stormbreaker

Infinity War had many breathtaking moments. One of them was when Thor, in his God mode, hurled his Stormbreaker towards Thanos and it turns out that event the Infinity Gauntlet could not stop the God’s weapon. It went on to pierce through the Gauntlet’s power and finally impaled Thanos’ chest. This presented a question to many fans. We couldn’t help but wonder as to why the Gauntlet couldn’t stop the Stormbreaker. The Gauntlet is supposed to be the most powerful object in the universe.

The Russos reveal why Thanos couldn't stop Stormbreaker

At the Infinity War screening, the Russos answered some questions relating to Infinity War. The duo was asked if Stormbreaker was indeed more powerful than the Gauntlet. They answered, “It certainly has the ability to counteract the Infinity Gauntlet.” The answer then went on to explain why the Thanos couldn’t stop the Stormbreaker with the Infinity Gauntlet. Anthony Russo stated, “I think that key moment, though, is that Thanos was caught off guard. He literally just didn’t know the power of what was coming at him. I mean, maybe he could have used the Stones in a different way had he understood what that weapon was, but it came out of nowhere.”

This does make sense. Right when Thanos was feeling the power of the six Infinity Stones in his Gauntlet, he was struck by lightning, courtesy of Thor. Right after that, Thanos saw the Stormbreaker coming towards him. And obviously, he used the Gauntlet. But to his surprise, Stormbreaker was a hell lot more powerful than he thought. If he had known what Stormbreaker was, he could have used the Reality Stone to turn it into dust. Well, let’s wait for the next time Thanos encounters Thor. Let’s see how that fight works out.

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