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The Russos reveal why Dr. Strange didn't tell anyone of his 'Endgame' Plan

The Russos reveal why Dr. Strange didn't tell anyone of the one winning future timeline

None of the new Avengers played as big an imperative role as Doctor Strange did in this year's blockbuster movie, Infinity War. 

Using the power of the Time Stone, he was able to peep in the future events and find out which one led them to victory. In one of 14 million plus futures he looked at, the Avengers won against the Mad Titan. Doctor Strange informs that there is only a certain way they can win this battle against Thanos. But he does not tell them the way the future events are supposed to happen in order for them to defeat their greatest adversary.

The Russos reveal why Dr. Strange didn't tell anyone of the one winning future timeline

And the climax of the movie saw Doctor Strange turning into dust, right after informing Tony “there was no other way.” So, this gets us the idea that for the Avengers to win, they need to lose first. 

At the recent Infinity War screening, the Directors were asked why Doctor Strange did not feel like sharing his plan with the rest of the group, especially Tony. The answer given was, “He dies. That’s why he doesn’t tell him (Tony). He’s getting his ass kicked in the time in between.”

So, he probably would have told Tony had he got some time. But remember he has seen the future and if he didn’t tell Tony about his plan means that is exactly how it was supposed to happen. 

Benedict Cumberbatch in a  recent interview was asked if he has a role in Avengers 4. He replied by stating, “I’m dust, baby. I’m dust.” What’s interesting is that Tom Holland has already given out that Doctor Strange has a scene where he utters the word “Quantum”. And there was no such scene in Infinity War. So, that means this scene ought to be in Avengers 4. The trailer is supposed to release today. Fingers Crossed!!

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  2. Strange couldn't plan Endgame. He can't see what happens after he dies, just like the Ancient One couldn't see past her death in Doctor Strange. So his plan was clearly to let Thanos have his snap, because the other outcomes must have involved Thanos or someone loyal to him getting angry and using the stones to destroy the entire universe. He didn't tell the others because he knew they'd never agree, and he didn't stop Quill because he needed Thanos to complete the snap because the universe would rebuild anyway. What he didn't count on was a rat pressing just the right buttons to release Scott from the Quantum Realm and give Tony the secret to time travel, so when Strange and the rest of the Lost Ones came back he just took credit for something he definitely didn't see coming.


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