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The Directors reply to 'Loki is disguised as Banner' theory

Infinity War was a perfect blend of every emotion. In the first ten minutes of the movie, we see how blunt Thanos is when it comes to someone double-crossing him. Loki tried to trick the Mad Titan but to no avail. He actually lost his life because of his little trick full of stupidity. But fans can’t digest that Loki would do something this stupid and that too when he perfectly knows what Thanos is capable of. Loki worked under Thanos all these years back. He must have known how dangerous Thanos is.

Some fan theories then came out correlating two things that didn’t make sense in the movie. The first was Banner not being able to Hulk out and the second was Loki’s demise. The theories suggested that Loki had taken on the disguise of Banner and that’s why he couldn’t Hulk out. Recently, the Russos were made familiar with this theory at the special Infinity war screening and the answer they gave out was, “Loki is dead.” Of course, if he is indeed alive, we can’t really expect them to reveal so. That’s all they has to say about Loki. Then came the question of Vision being saved by Shuri. To this they said, “Vision is dead.”

Earlier, Tom Hiddleston was made familiar with the ‘left hand theory’ and he expressed astonished and pointed out that those are some observations. And when asked if loki would come back, he claimed, “Your guess is as good as mine.” Even if Loki is dead, fans will get to see him in Avengers 4 in some flashback sequences, atleast. If not even in that, Loki TV series will soon begin production and fans can quench their thirst for more Loki in that series.

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