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Captain Marvel Prelude reveals Nick Fury never wanted to call Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Prelude reveals Nick Fury never wanted to call Captain Marvel

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel movie is set to debut next year in March. The movie will be released right before the fans are treated with the one thing they have been desperately waiting for, Avengers 4. After we saw Nick Fury pushing the pager after watching in awe people disappearing, the pager sent a signal to Marvel’s Strongest superhero. But this scene has led fans to question as to why wasn’t Captain Marvel called on in the events of previous movies, where the world was hanging in the balance.

There have been countless fan theories that attempt to describe the reason Nick Fury didn’t push the pager earlier. Now, we all know that Marvel has released a Captain Marvel prelude which supposedly sets in with the events right up till Infinity War. This prelude has revealed that Nick Fury didn’t wanna call Captain Marvel. A conversation takes place between Nick Fury and Maria Hill and it is quoted below.

Maria – “I’ve heard something said about heroes…..Never to meet them. They’ll only let you down.” To this Nick replies, “Not all of them.” 

Maria – “You got one we haven’t called yet. Might be helpful to have a backup plan in case the worst comes to pass.” And to this Fury says, “Nah. If we do our jobs right we’ll never be in a position of having to call her.”

Have a look below. You can also see the pager in the pic.

So, the question is why was Captain Marvel set up as a last resort for Nick Fury? Why was she her last option? The answer to this will be given in the Captain Marvel movie. One fan theory suggests that she has been in the Quantum Realm all this time. Some say she has been out there fighting bad guys. We will see how well she is able to handle against Thanos in Avengers 4.

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