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Dr. Strange will turn Evil in the sequel, Director's tweet teases

Soon enough Phase 3 of Marvel will conclude and then the likes of Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, Ant-man and Black Panther will continue the legacy of Marvel. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been put on hold indefinitely. This would probably mean that we will get to see the next solo venture of our beloved Sorcerer Supreme earlier than expected. Benedict Cumberbatch has received a pay hike and now he will earn $9.5 million to reprise his role in Doctor Strange 2. It is expected that we will get to see this movie in 2020, although nothing official has been delivered regarding this.

The movie will be directed by Scott Derrickson. On his Twitter account, he recently posted a photo from the 1977 ‘What If?’ storyline issue #18. The issue involved Doctor Strange torn between choosing Eternity or Dormammu. The image says, “Yes! I choose the Good!!” but it’s the caption that really gets us thinking. Derrickson chose to put “…until I don’t”. Put these two together and it says, "Yes! I choose the Good!!...until I don't" Does this imply that Strange will turn evil in the sequel? We can assume that the current plan is to introduce Eternity in the movie. We already are familiar with Dormammu and he has a lot of potential in him to serve even a bigger badder role than he did in the first part.
Well, Doctor Strange played the most important role in Infinity War. He is the one who has seen how it all ends. And he pushed the future events towards the scenario where we will see the victory against Thanos by deliberately giving up the Time Stone to the Mad Titan. “This was the only way.” Thanos’ Snap sure consumed Doctor Strange, but obviously doesn’t mean that his role in the MCU is done. Everyone who perished will be brought back in Avengers 4. The thing to see is ‘How?’ We will have to bid goodbye to some heroes too.

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