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Avengers Endgame - Iron Man's latest weapon uses Thor's Lightning to function

Avengers Endgame is just a few days away and we of course can’t keep calm. The promotions for the movie are also going on at full speed with new TV Spots being released every day which give away new footage from the movie. And aren’t they awesome.
In a Marvel ad that is being promoted on Instagram, some new scenes have been shown and one of these scenes is simply just too cool. The scene I am referring to is the one where we see Tony using his new weapon feature called the Lightning Redistributor of the latest upgraded suit, Mark 85. As the name suggests, this advanced weapon redistributed lightning.
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And according to the Youtuber Cosmic Wonder, this weapon needs to be fed lightning after which it redistributed this lightning to shooting at least six energy blasts simultaneously. Get a load of the photo below to get a clearer idea of what I am saying.

And what makes this sc…

Kevin Feige reveals how Avengers Endgame title is an Infinity War spoiler

Keeping the Avengers 4 title a secret led fans to come up with their own theories trying to deduce what the title could be. It was only with the very first trailer that we got to know the official title of this highly-anticipated sequel of all time. And it turned out to be the one that was speculated for so long by so many fans. It was indeed Avengers Endgame.

But some fans didn’t really like the title claiming Marvel just created a hell lot of fuzz for a title that isn’t even an Infinity War spoiler, as was previously claimed by Marvel. And now, we have got the apparent reason why this title was considered an Infinity War spoiler.

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Recently, Marvel’s head, Kevin Feige engaged in an interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub and there he was presented with the question about why the title was kept a secret for so long. Feige answered, “Well, I think I’d said that it all had gotten blown out of proportion to some extent. B…

Paul Rudd and Seth Meyers had spoiled Avengers Endgame title before anyone else

After the title of the yet to release Avengers Endgame made its way to the fans, fans started noticing that Doctor Strange wasn’t the first one who had uttered the word “Endgame” in the MCU the first time. It was actually Tony Stark who talked about Endgame in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And then we knew that RDJ talked about Endgame even prior to the release of the Age of Ultron movie. He had used the word in an interview he did while promoting this movie.

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But now another thing has been unveiled which says that it was actually Paul Rudd along with Seth Meyers who had given out the Avengers 4 title before anyone else. An interview of the duo has been unearthed by a fan and this video clip is being circulated around the web. This interview took place when Paul Rudd was promoting the second installment of the Ant-man franchise.

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Avengers Endgame Theory - Avengers will time travel to collect 'This' and not the Infinity Stones

Everyone seems to think that Avengers Endgame will see our heroes learning about time travel and traveling back in time to secure the Infinity Stones which in turn would lead to the Snap never taking place. But the think about time travel is that even seemingly insignificant and minute changes in the timeline could result in a very different future. So we can assume the Avengers would be aware of all these repercussions.

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Even the latest fan theory points out how fragile our reality is and small changes will lead to big unpredictable changes in the future. So, to eliminate this risk, the Avengers will not choose to get the Infinity Stones by going in the past. But instead, as this theory proposes, our heroes will instead capture their energy signatures. And by doing this, they will have what they need to defeat Thanos and all this will come without even risking any significant changes in the future timeline since nothing…

Theory - Doctor Strange was actually apologizing to Tony

Every fan must have rejoiced when Doctor Strange uttered that there was one scenario which would result in the defeat of Thanos. But the fans were equally shocked to see the Decimation happening. Then came the last words of Doctor Strange before he too perished into thin air, “Tony. There was no other way.” This was supposed to inform us that the eventual win against Thanos will happen but before that some sacrifices had to be made.

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But what if the last line from Doctor Strange carried another deeper meaning? As per the theory we are about to discuss, his last words were actually a sort of “Tony, I am sorry.” Mind you, he wasn’t apologizing for what he did, but also, what Tony would have to do in the near future. He was offering his condolences to Tony for an unfortunate event that was yet to take place.
See, this theory points out how alike Tony and Thanos are. “They both believ…

Avengers Endgame Theory predicts Kronos will be the "Greater Threat", provides Evidence

The greatest mystery that is currently revolving around Avengers Endgame is the mysterious “greater threat” that is supposed to come up in the movie. There have been man theories predicting who this threat will be, with some even suggesting characters that Marvel doesn’t even have the film rights to. But that’s not gonna stop the fans from formulating their theories, right?
Well, the newest theory claims that Kronos has the highest chances of being this bigger evil in Avengers Endgame. Now, the thing is that Infinity War borrowed some plot elements from the comic ‘Infinity Gauntlet’. In this comic too, there was a Snappening and then there was the undoing of this very Snappening. Now, in the very same comic, the cosmic entity, Kronos, also had a role. Mind you, he was actually a good guy in the comics, but same can’t be expected to happen in the MCU too.

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As presented by this theory, there a…

Theory - Ant-Man will visit Hank, 'This' is Emma Furhman's character

One thing that caught everybody’s eye in the Avengers Endgame trailer was that the footage Captain America and Black Widow were looking at in shock, actually was labeled “archive” and the year written was “1993”. This, the fans took as proof of time travel, claiming that Scott had traveled back in time to the year 1993 probably after going through a time vortex.

And it seemed like he was standing in front of Stark Industries. Probably asking Tony to let him in. But the latest fan theory argues that Scott wouldn’t want to go to Tony or anyone else for that matter when he came of the Quantum Realm and finding himself standing in 1993. The legit choice he would make would be visiting Hank Pym. “Hank was his mentor, Hank knew about the QR, about the suits, I mean, he literally invented the Pym Particles that brought him to the past. Hank also lives in town.”

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Now, this theory also provides a connection. The actual reason Hank chose to give hi…

Nick Fury knew Captain America was alive

In the climax of Captain America: The First Avenger, we see Captain America ready to lay down his life to save his country and his place does indeed crash into the ice. For the world, Captain America was dead and he died a hero. But apparently, as noticed by ScreenRant, Nick Fury might have been the only guy in the whole world who knew that Steve Rogers was still alive and he needed to be found. 

After the apparent death of Steve, SHIELD never stopped to look out for his dead body. Of course, we all naturally assumed that they were concerned about the Super-Soldier Serum that was inside Cap’s body and worried that some wrong hands might find it.

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Even in 2010, SHIELD, under the guidance of Fury, never stopped looking for the dead body of Captain America. And unlike the previous expeditions sent out by previous SHIELD heads, Fury’s expeditions were not to get to Steve’s body for the …